Articles and News for Apr17

  1. 10 Awesome Games You Can Play on Your Chromebook

  2. 10 Portable Apps Every Linux User Should Use

  3. 5 Great Steam Alternatives for Linux

  4. 5 of the Best Personal Finance Managers for Linux

  5. 5 projects for Raspberry Pi at home

  6. 8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with ADB

  7. ADAS development system runs Linux on TI TDA2X SoC

  8. A Linux-friendly DAC and headphone amplifier for listening to music

  9. A Look at DietPi: A Lightweight OS for Your Pi Board

  10. A Set of Post Installation Shell Scripts for Ubuntu, Fedora & Solus

  11. A beginner's guide to microblogging on Mastodon

  12. An Easiest Way To Install And Configure OpenVPN Server In Linux

  13. An Easy And Fast Way To Share Files Over Internet From Command Line

  14. Android Candy: Facebook Everything?!?!

  15. Android Candy: That App Is for the Birds!

  16. Android: Enabling mainline graphics

  17. Automatic MySQL schema management with Skeema

  18. Automation is Becoming a Necessity, is Puppet the Only Answer?

  19. Best of Hack and /

  20. Briggs and Stratton 8,000 Watt Elite Series Portable Generator with StatStation Wireless

  21. Building a secure bootloader for the Quark D2000 and SE

  22. Canonical Gets Serious About Doing Enterprise Right

  23. Capsule8 Building Container-Aware Security Platform for Linux

  24. Chemistry on the Desktop

  25. CodeLathe's Tonido Personal Cloud

  26. Container Orchestration Moves Forward at Cloud Native Computing Event

  27. Could A New Linux Base For Tablets/Smartphones Succeed In 2017?

  28. Cpustat Monitors CPU Utilization by Running Processes in Linux

  29. Critical Xen hypervisor flaw endangers virtualized environments

  30. Darktable - An Adobe Lightroom Alternative for Linux

  31. DockerCon 17 Focuses on Enterprise Adoption of Containers

  32. Docker LinuxKit: Secure Linux containers for Windows, macOS, and clouds

  33. Docker Opens Ups Container Platform with LinuxKit and Moby Project

  34. Docker Takes Aim at Modernizing Traditional Enterprise Applications

  35. Dockerizing Wordpress with Nginx and PHP-FPM on Ubuntu 16.04

  36. Encrypt Your Email With GPG, Thunderbird, and Enigmail

  37. F#: an Open Source Functional-First Programming Language

  38. FinTech and SAP HANA

  39. Five HPC Cost Considerations to Maximize ROI

  40. Five Reasons to Love SAP HANA

  41. Five Reasons to Switch to Flash Storage

  42. Flat File Encryption with OpenSSL and GPG

  43. FreeFileSync - Compare and Synchronize Files in Ubuntu

  44. Freedom Doesn't Have to Be Free: Revenue and Open Source

  45. GNOME 3.26 "Manchester" Desktop Environment Slated for Release on September 13

  46. GNOME Twitch- Watch Twitch Streams on Linux Desktop

  47. Getting started with Jekyll, a free and open source static site generator

  48. Google Announces Android PAX Cross-License Program - But to What Purpose?

  49. Guide To Finding a Home-Based Linux Job

  50. HOSTING Monitoring Insights

  51. Hodge Podge

  52. How Docker Has Changed in the Last Four Years

  53. How Docker Is Growing Its Container Business

  54. How Docker is Taking Visa Everywhere It Wants To Be

  55. How To Check Available Version Of A Package In Ubuntu Repositories

  56. How To Find The Oldest File In A Directory Tree In Linux

  57. How To Find Who Is Logged On Your System And What They Are Doing

  58. How To List Installed Packages That Belong To A Particular Group In Linux

  59. How To Manage Log Files Using Logrotate In Linux

  60. How To Monitor The Progress Of Data Through A Pipe Using 'pv' Command

  61. How To Password Protect GRUB Bootloader In Linux

  62. How To Reset Ubuntu To Factory Defaults

  63. How To Setup Backup Server Using Rsnapshot In Linux

  64. How To Synchronize Local And Remote Directories In Linux

  65. How to Add a New Disk to an Existing Linux Server

  66. How to Calculate Flash Storage TCO

  67. How to Fix the Edge

  68. How to Install, Configure and Use Redis on Ubuntu 16.04

  69. How to Install and Set Up Rocket Chat, a Self-Hosted Alternative to Slack

  70. How to Install and Use Wekan the Best Self-Hosted Trello Alternative

  71. How to Install osTicket with Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

  72. How to Make two Ec2 instances connect each other in AWS

  73. How to Set Up a Firewall with iptables on Ubuntu and CentOS

  74. How to Set Up an Automatic Backup System on Linux with Dropbox

  75. How to Setup Docker Private Registry on CentOS 7.x / RHEL 7.x

  76. How to check your Linux servers for rootkits and malware

  77. How to draw primitive shapes with BRL-CAD

  78. How to install Asterisk on the Raspberry Pi

  79. How to install Moodle on ISPConfig

  80. How to install Percona XtraDB Cluster for MySQL on Debian 8

  81. How to install and use MuseScore to create your own music

  82. How to join your Linux server to the NTP pool project

  83. How to set and enable MariaDB slow query log

  84. How to set up MariaDB Master-Slave replication with SSL on Ubuntu Linux

  85. How to setup linux iSCSI target initiator on RHEL7 for Storage allocation

  86. Hybrid Cloud Storage Delivers Performance and Value

  87. Install and configure a corporate Open Source Booking System on Centos 7

  88. Installation guide for Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on Apache YUM based Linux system

  89. Installing Mautic with Docker on Ubuntu 16.04

  90. Is Scratch today like the Logo of the '80s for teaching kids to code?

  91. It's Official: You Can Now Install Snap Packages on Fedora Linux Distributions

  92. KDE Frameworks 5.33.0 Introduces More Plasma Framework and KWayland Improvements

  93. Libreboot Reorganizes: Seeks to Make Amends

  94. Lightworks A Professional Video Editor for Everyone

  95. Like Windows, Ubuntu 17.04 now uses a swap file

  96. Linux 4.11 rc7

  97. Linux Backlight Brightness Keyboard Shortcuts

  98. Linux Foundation offers Hadoop training

  99. Linux Journal April 2017

  100. Linux Kernels 4.10.11, 4.9.23 LTS and 4.4.62 LTS Improve MIPS, Intel i915 Support

  101. Linux Mint 18.2 Could Replace MDM with LightDM as Default Login Manager

  102. Linux Watch Command, To Monitor a Command Activity

  103. Linux, meet DisplayPort

  104. Linux video editor OpenShot 2.3 impresses: New tools, fast performance

  105. Low Power Wireless: 6LoWPAN, IEEE802.15.4 and the Raspberry Pi

  106. MAME 0.184 Improves Agat-7 Apple II Clone Emulation, Supports New Arcade Games

  107. MU Music Player A Player That Remembers All Your Music

  108. Manageyum - One Desktop App for Trello, GitHub, Slack, Skype, WhatsApp & More

  109. Mark Shuttleworth Reportedly Returning To Role As Canonical CEO

  110. Mastodon -The free software, decentralized Twitter competitor

  111. Mender

  112. MetLife Navigates DevOps with Docker Containers

  113. Micro - A Modern Terminal Based Text Editor with Syntax Highlighting

  114. Microsoft Acquires Deis, Boosting Kubernetes and Container Portfolio

  115. More Unknown Linux Commands

  116. MultiTaction's MT Canvus-Connect

  117. Multiple Developers Come Forward To Continue Unity Development

  118. NTFS-3G Driver Now Enables Read-Only Mount Fallback for Hibernating NTFS Drives

  119. NTPsec: a Secure, Hardened NTP Implementation

  120. Neptune 4.5.4 Arrives with Linux Kernel 3.18.48 LTS, Dozens of Security Fixes

  121. New Linux SSH server shows off Golang's infrastructure power

  122. Non-Linux FOSS: Don't Drink the Apple Kool-Aid; Brew Your Own!

  123. Ntfy - Get Desktop or Phone Alerts When Long Running Command Finishes

  124. ONS 2017 Tracks Progress of Open Source Networking Projects

  125. Omesh Tickoo and Ravi Iyer's Making Sense of Sensors (Apress)

  126. On-the-Fly Web Server

  127. OpenELEC 8.0 Linux OS Officially Out with Raspberry Pi Zero W Support, Kodi 17.1

  128. OpenGL vs Vulkan in Mad Max, re-tested

  129. OpenStack Radium? Maybe…but it could be Formidable

  130. Open source ESP32 dev board runs FreeRTOS

  131. Open-source developers targeted in sophisticated malware attack

  132. Orange Pi Zero Overview

  133. Overclocking The Radeon RX 580 Under Linux

  134. Peering into complex, tiny structures with 3D analysis tool tomviz

  135. Philips Hue Uses Kubernetes to Keep the Lights On

  136. Quick Guide: How To hack android with Kali Linux

  137. RancherOS 1.0 Debuts Optimized Linux Distribution for Containers

  138. Red Hat Software Collections 2.4 and Red Hat Developer Toolset 6.1 Enter Beta

  139. Red Hat Updates OpenShift Container Platform

  140. Running Linux on your Chromebook with GalliumOS

  141. SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension

  142. Samba 4 Domain Controller Installation on CentOS 7

  143. Samsung's squashing of malicious Tizen smart TV bugs is turning messy

  144. Serverless computing picks up new Docker option

  145. Shell scripting (BASH) : How to create temporary random file name

  146. Simple Server Hardening, Part II

  147. Speedup Your Typing with Ibus Typing Booster

  148. Spring cleaning in IT: 12 tech professionals share best practices

  149. Statistics about the companies behind the Wayland Display Server

  150. Sunshine in a Room with No Windows

  151. Termbox - An Easy way to Access Preconfigured Linux Command-Line Workspaces via Web Browser

  152. The Story of Ubuntu's Mir Abstraction Layer (MirAL)

  153. The Unity desktop environment isn't dead, forks planned

  154. The theater of Linux distributions

  155. Three EU Industries That Need HPC Now

  156. TinkerOS 1.6 Released

  157. Tor Security for Android and Desktop Linux

  158. Tracing the user space and Operating System interactions

  159. Two Clever Linux Tricks to secure plain text files.

  160. Two Ways GDPR Will Change Your Data Storage Solution

  161. UBER CLI : Easily Get Uber Pickup Time & Price Estimates from Linux Command Line

  162. Ubuntu 17.04: The bittersweet Linux release

  163. Ubuntu 17.10 Is Named ‘Artful Aardvark’

  164. Understanding Shell Initialization Files and User Profiles in Linux

  165. Unpatched vulnerability exposes Magento online shops to hacking

  166. VMKings' VPS Hosting Solution

  167. What is Chef? A primer for DevOps newbies

  168. What will OpenStack R be Named?

  169. Why Choose Kubernetes to Manage Containerized Applications?

  170. Why is Ubuntu Popular? End Users Share their Opinion

  171. Why you should become an open source sustainer

  172. William Rothwell and Nick Garner's Certified Ethical Hacker Complete Video Course (Pearson IT Certification)

  173. WordPress 4.7.4 Maintenance Release

  174. Wrapping Up the Mars Lander

  175. Xen Patches Hypervisor Breakout Risk Without Breaking the Cloud

  176. nano: CLI Text Editor For Everyone [basic tutorials]

  177. rdiff-backup - A Remote Incremental Backup Tool for Linux

  178. smbclient Security for Windows Printing and File Transfer

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